One Company Concept for all AV needs

When it comes to Live events we really are expert One of our biggest strengths is the fact that we are one company with all aspects of production in-house. This all-in-one source makes every aspect of any production seamless and less expensive than hiring three or more companies. Additionally, we are connected to every AV company in the area. We can get everything needed for any size event even if we don’t own it in-house. The relationships with so many others in the area help to manage cost and make us a single source for all your event needs.
We really are a one stop for most any event need. For instance here’s a small list of what we own in-house, Our video dept offers a large variety of video projections from 3k to 10k, video screens from 8ft to 16 ft., video/TV monitors from 24 to 80 inches, video streaming hardware and software, video mapping software, video editing systems from Premier , live video switching systems like the six camera live switcher from Tricaster which can record, stream and switch multiple cameras, graphics and sources all at once. RVAV even provides licensed drone videography, portable green screens, and in the field video gear like digital recorders, boom microphones, boom poles, jibs, C stands, sand bags and much more to insure a great video shoot anywhere. Additionally to aid the on camera talent we have professional camera teleprompters to help with smooth reading of any script.

Event Directors and save you even more money through our “All in One” approach. By owning our own staging, trussing, pipe and drape and support systems like chain motors and rigging crank towers we don’t have to rely on two or three other companies to supply the basic infrastructure needed to build and event, We cover it all so you only have to pay for, one crew, one truck, one leader, one company,

Next we have the basic building block of every event, Sound or PA . Here again we are the leader in the Richmond area for variety of Sound Systems, we DON’T take a one size fits all approach to providing sound. We have a system that fits the occasion, venue, space, number of guest or type of use like corporate meetings are treated

a lot different than a concert or a DJ event. We have your standard speakers like QSC, JBL, EV and Turbo Sound that are small but powerful that fit on a speaker stand but we don’t stop there we have Line Array systems, column array speakers, Floor monitors or what is often referred to as wedges, we have passive and powered and we even have some speakers that are battery powered and wireless.Couple and set of speakers with a quality sound board to control all the aspects of the sound mix. We have a

great variety of Sound mixers too, some are Digital sound boards and some are analogue. Some of our sound mixing boards have only 2 channels and others have as many as 32 channels. Finally we offer a range of microphones to fit any need. Basically their wired and wireless microphones. But we could go on for hours about the many types condenser mic, or Phantom powered mics, boundary mics, podium mics, or the difference between a Shure SM58 and a SM57 but you don’t have to know, that why you hire us.

Finally where we shine brightest would be in our Lighting Dept, We have undoubtedly cover all the bases: , moving lights, scanners, spots, washes, hybrids, up lights, bistro, LED, Battery Powered, wireless DMX, RGB lasers, DJ effect Lighting, Strip lights,  gobo projectors , stage washes, basic stage lighting like par cans, ellipsoidals, and source 4 pars on dimmers all controlled through DMX. We don’t stop there either because lighting is nothing without atmosphere or some kind of particulate in the air for the light to bounce off. We use haze machines, faze machines and fog machines to produce that effect. As  long as we are talking about Effects we also have, snow machines, cold sparkler machines, Geysers, and confetti blowers to make your event over the top, mind blowing spectacular.

So if you are planning a simple meeting, gala, awards ceremony, formal, sorority, fraternity, church, military ball, holiday event or small concert  let the professionals at Richmond Virginia Audio Visual take care of all the Audio Visual needs. Call One of our production managers for a no cost no obligation consultation today.