Prices subject to change. Prices on this list may be different in current price list
RVAV uses Current a cloud based Inventory, Quote and Contract software. We have so many unique items for production its a nightmare to remember all the names and prices for every single item, not to mention tracking its whereabouts and availability. This software does a great job of all that including sales for each item over time, the weight of a production by totaling all the items pulled for that event.

I have cut and pasted a sample of the inventory here if you are looking for any specific items. Repeated items are created in some gear if the units are rented singly and are serial numbered separately.

If you don’t see something you’re looking for give us a call 804 356-4777 

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List From My Current Inventory as of Jan 1 2021
I have multiples of Many Items

1/4″ 2 Way Coupler
1/4 to 1/4 cable
1/4″ to 1/8″ Adapter
BNC Coupler
Chauvet Vue 6.1
Crank Stand Speaker Adapter
DMX Cable Box
Edison 100ft
Edison 15 ft
Edison 25 ft
Edison 50 ft
Edison Blue Box
Edison Female to IEC Adapter
Edison Quarter Pack
Edison Red Box
Edison Stringer 30 ft
Edison Stringer 50 ft
Edison Stringer Box
ETC Source Four Par
Ethernet Cable Long
Ethernet Cable Short
Guitar Amp
Haze Fluid Gallon
HDMI Cable 25ft
Logitech Camera
NEC long throw lens
Potable Power Source Ninjabatt
Power Stringer Cable 50 Ft
Project-O-Stand Skirt
SDI cable
Shackle 7/16 Gauge
Shure PG 81
Socapex Edison Breakout
Spanset 6ft
Speaker Pole
Truss Stand for TV Monitor
XLR 100 ft
XLR 25 ft
XLR 3 ft
XLR 50 ft
XLR Blue Box
XLR Female to 1/4″
XLR Female to Female
XLR Quarter Pack
XLR Red Box
XLR Y Splitter
Name That Tune
Outrageous Olympics Team Building
Popcorn Machine
100Ft. LED G40 Outdoor Patio Bistro String Lights
1 Channel Dimmer Elation Unibar
200W COB LED Ellipsoidal Light White
4 Channel Dimmer Pack
ADJ Mega Go-Par 64 RGBA Lights
ADJ Revo 4 DMX Lights
American DJ H2O DMX Pro
Bistro Lights 50 ft
Chauvet 375z Mover
Chauvet 4Play CL Lights
Chauvet COLORband Pix
Chauvet COREpar 80 USB
Chauvet EZ Pin Spot
Chauvet Intimidator 150 Movers
Chauvet Intimidator Spot 360 Lights
Chauvet LFS-5D Spotlight
Chauvet LFS-5D Spotlight
Chauvet Obey 3
Chauvet RGB Laser
Chauvet Rogue R2 Wash
Chauvet Slimpar Quad 3 IRC Lights
Chauvet Vue 4.1
Chauvet Vue III
Chauvet Wash FX 2 Many
Cobb 200 W LED Fresnel
Custom Gobo manufacturing or tooling
DJ Effect: ADJ Majestic
DJ Effect: Chauvet DJ Swarm 5 FX
DMX ADJ Scene Setter
DMX Controller ADJ Operator
DMX Controller MPC
DMX Controller WiFLY WLC16
DMX Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
Dotz Pars Light Fixture
Elation Blinder WW4 LED Light
EZWedge Tri
Follow spot 100 watt
Followspot Controller for Movers
Fovitec Premium Bi-Color Studio Pro Panel Light
Gobo Custon Design
Gobo Spot 50
Intimidator 375
LFS-50 Mini LED ellipsoidal
Light Up Marquee Box
Lowel Pro Light Kit with Umbrella
Majestic LED Light
Martin M Touch DMX Controller
Martin Raptor DJ Lights
Mini Burst Video Light
Moon Ball Light
Mover Totem
M-PC 2 U
Obey 10
On/Off Power Switch 8 Channel
PinPoint Gobo
Pin Spot 30 watt RGBW
Rainbow Lights RGBWA plus UV
Saber Pin Spot
Scenesetter 48 Lighting Controller
Shakespeare Ellipsoidal 750 Watt Tungsten Spotlight
Sky Effect Lights
SlimBANK T18
Solena Max Bar 28
Tri Wedge RGB
Sennheiser SKP 100 G3-A1 plug-on transmitter
Gold Backdrop and stands
Pipe and Drape by the Foot
Acrylic Podium
Black Magic Mini Recorder
Buffalo Router
Cable Cover 1 Channel
Cable Ramp 2 Channel
Digital Juice Library of Effects , Music, Backgrounds, Lower thirds and Animations
DJ Laptop
Family Feud
FOH Table
FOH Vanity Drape Kit
Gefen CAT5 Distro
Gold Light Reflector or Bounce
Media Shout Church Service Software and Computer
Millumin 3
Mirror Ball 2ft round
Mirror Ball 3ft round
NRG Video Lights
Podium wood (folds)
Pop up tent 10×10
Portable Power in Case
Power Strip Bestek
Pro Outdoor Antenna
RocknRoller Cart R14G
RocknRoller Cart R8
RocknRoller R18 Cart
Sand Bags
Scrim cover for Table White
Silver Light Reflector or Bounce
Sony DVD Recorder
Stage Stairs for 2ft Stage
Telex Com Pack and Head set
ViewTV Digital Converter Box
Wireless Mic pack holder AHA
Alto Stealth Wireless Audio System
APC40 Midi Controller
A.R.T. Tube MP Studio Preamp & Mic
AV1 Radial Direct Box
AV2 Radial
Behringer B-1 Microphone
Behringer C-1 Microphone
Behringer SD8 8-channel Snake or Stage Box
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
Behringer XENYX 1202FX
Behringer XENYX 502
Behringer XENYX 802
Beta 91 A Boundary Microphone
Catch Ball Microphone
CO2 Condenser Mics
Denon DN-S3000 CD-J Compact Disc Player
Denon MCX8000 DJ Controller
Denon MX-6000 MkII
DJ Controller Mini DJ2GO2
DJ Controller MX3000
DJ Performance
DJ System With Bass Cabinets
EV 300 Passive two way speaker
EV ETX 35p 3 way speaker
FM Tuner
Goose Neck Style Mics
Mackie 1402-VLZ3
Mackie 14 Channel Mixer
Mackie 402 VLZ3
Mackie 802-VLZ3
Mackie 802-VLZ3
Mackie 802-VLZ3
Mackie PROFX8
Mic Concert Package
Microphone Clips Hand Held
Microphone Stand
mPress EXO-Pod
Podium Mic Shure Thin style
Push to Talk Base (Bases Only)
Push to Talk Microphone
Push to Talk System
QSC Touchmix 16 channel mixer
QSC Touchmix 16 channel /Wireless Microphones (4) Console
QSC Touch Mix 8
RCF HDL 6-A Speaker (single cabinet)
RCF Line Array Full
RCF Line Array Ground Supported
RCF Speaker HD 32-A
RODE NTG2 Battery or Phantom Powered Condenser Shotgun Microphone
Samson Floor Monitor
Samson L2400 Mixing Console
Samson Wireless System
sE Electronics X1 A Mic
sE Electronics X1 A Mic
Sennheiser E3 100 Wireless Hand Held Microphone
Sennheiser E3 100 Wireless Microphone with Headset
Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Sennheiser Mic Headset (headset only)
Sennheiser Wired 835
Sennheiser Wireless Mics for Camera Set
Sennhieser Wireless Set HH and LAV
Shure PG57
Shure SM-58
Shure SM 58 wired microphone
Shure Wireless Microphone with Body Pack and Headset
Speaker Bass Cabinet 3000 watt
Speaker QSC K10
Speaker QSC K12
Speaker QSC K8
Speaker RCF HD32 A
Speaker RCF HD32 A
Speaker stand cover
Speaker Turbo Sound Inspire iP2000
Speaker Turbosound iQ12
Table Top Mic Stand
Tall Microphone Boom Stand Tripod base
TC Helicon Voice Toner
TurboSound iQ Series 18″ Powered Subwoofer
Yamaha 18″ Subwoofer
Yamaha AudioGram 6
Zoom Field Recorder F4
Animated Snowflake Projector
Chauvet Fog Machine
Cold Spark Machine
Confetti Machine
Geyser Fog Machine
Geyser For Machine
Haze Machine ADJ Entour Fazer Pro
Marq Haze Machine
Snow Machine
Airwall Hanger
Aluminum Pipe 2ft
Aluminum Pipe 4ft
Aluminum Pipe 6ft
Apple Boxes
Atomic Wall w/ light package
AV Cart
AV Cart Skirts
Baofeng Walkie Talkie
Base Plate
Base Plate 3 x3 Aluminum
Beam Clamp 1 Ton
Black Truss Scrim
Carrying Bag for Tripod Projector Screens
C Clamp to Camera Plate
Ceiling Tile Replacement for Production
Chauvet Funfetti Cannon
Clamp Double Cheeseboro
Clamp O-Style 100 kg
Cobra Radio
Confidence Monitor Stand Tall
Crank Stand
Crank Stand 10Ft .
Crank Stand L-11
Crank Stand L-16
C Stand
Drape upright 14ft
Flip Chart with Dry Erase Board
Guitar / Monitor Stand
I beam clamp
Intellistage Risers 2 ft.
Intellistage Section
Intellistage Set full Case
Intellistage single section
Intellistage Skirt
Intellistage Steps Pair
Jupiter 2000 Watt Power Inverter
Line Array ProX XT-LA567 Universal Crank Stand Mount Bracket
Live Stream UStream Static IP address or URL
Milos Lift System
Pipe and Drape 14ft tall
Pipe and Drape Base Plate
Pipe and Drape Crossbar
Plastic Clamp
Prostar 1/4 Ton Motor
Rigging Box
Rigging Steel 10ft
Rigging Steel 2ft
Rigging Steel 4ft
Safety Cable
Scorpion Pod
Shackle 1/2 Gauge
Shackle 3/4 Gauge
Shackle 5/8 Gauge
Spandex Shapes Rectangle
Spandex Shapes Square
Spandex Shapes Triangle
Spanset 3ft
Speaker Brackets to Truss
Speaker Mount Truss Styled
Spider Projector Bracket
Stanchions Crowd Control
T Bar 2ft 2 inch round
T bar 4ft 2inch round Aluminum
Triangle Truss Crank Stand Holder
Truss 90 degree Triangle
Truss Hardware Bucket
Truss Scrim
Truss Section 10 ft
Truss Section 4 ft
Truss Section 6 ft
Truss Section 8 ft
Truss Square 3 meter Global
Truss Topper Large
Truss topper Triangle Small
Truss Totem 6ft
Truss Triangle 3/4 meter 2.46 ft
Truss Triangle .5 meter
Ultimate Speaker Stand Short
Ultimate Speaker Stand Tall
Ultimate Stand SP Series
Ultimate Support LTB-48B Lighting Tree Crossbar
White Pole Cover for Pipe and Drape
8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Apple iPad
Batteries AA
Belkin USB 2.0 7 Port Hub
Cable Tester
Count Down Timer
HDMI 2 Way Connector
Hot spot NetGear
HP Elitebook 8440P
HP Elitebook 8540P
HP Elitebook 8560W
HP Elitebook 8770W
HP Elitebook 8770W
HP ZBook 15 G2
K702 Reference studio headphones
Lightning Cable to (HDMI and Headphone Jack)
Lightning Cable to (HDMI, VGA, and Headphone)
Lightning Cable to (Lightning and Headphone)
Live Stream OBS and Blackmagic Web Presenter
Mac Book Pro
Presentation Advancer Logitech
Presentation Advancer SMK Link
RVAV Multipurpose Tech Box (Orange)
Teleprompter Presidential
USB-C to (HDMI, USB 3.0, USB-C)
USB-C to USB 3.0 Adapter
VGA to HDMI Port
WDTV Media Hub
Zoom H4n Digital Recorder
Adjustable Wrench
Allen Key Set
Cen-Tech Multimeter
Diagonal Cutters
42″ Rhino Video Camera Slider and Head
Atomos Samurai
Atomos Samurai
AVUE SDI to HDMI Converter
AVUE SDI to HDMI Converter
Black Magic BiDirectional converter
Black Magic micro converters HDMI/SDI
Black Magic micro converters SDI/HDMI
Blu Ray Player
Canon DSLR DS126321
Digital Juice Lotus Jib
Display Port to HDMI
Display Port to VGA
Epson Powerlite Pro 10k Projector
Fovitec 600XB Portable Bi-Color LED Panel 12″ x 12″
Grand VJ Visualizer ArKaos
Grey Crushed Muslin Photo Backdrop
HDMI 2 Port Splitter
HDMI 4 Port Splitter
HDMI Cable Job Box
HDMI Wireless Extender
Kanex SDI to VGA Converter
Kramer Video switcher
LG 28″ TV
LG 28″ TV
LG 28″ TV
Marshall Video Assist
MDHX Decimator
MD-LX Bi-Directional Decimator
Movie Screen Blow Up (only)
NEC NP30ZL short throw lens
NEC NP30ZL short throw lens
On-Camera Video Light
Outdoor Movie Night Package
Portable 5′ x 7′ Green Screen
Projector Epson H671A
Projector Epson H671A
Projector Infocus LP850
Projector NEC 7K
Projector NEC 9K
Projector NEC NP-ME331w
Projector NEC NP-ME331w
Projector Panasonic 600U Video Projectors
Screen 16 x 9 Fast Fold
Screen 6×10 Fast Fold
Screen 7.5′ x 12′
Screen 8ft Tripod Style
Screen 9×16 Fast Fold
Screen and Projector Combo
Thunderbolt to (VGA and DVI)
Thunderbolt to (VGA and HDMI)
Toshiba 5k Infocus
Toshiba TDP-S81U
TV Bracket for TV monitor with Clamps
T.V. Monitor 24″
T.V. Monitor 26″
T.V. Monitor 28″
T.V. Monitor 30″
T.V. Monitor 40″
T.V. Monitor 50″
T.V. Monitor 55″
T.V. Monitor 60″
T.V. Monitor 70″
T.V. Monitor 80 inch
TV on Truss
Vanco 280704 HDMI Splitter
Vanco EVSP1004 Splitter
Black Magic Video Assist
black magic web presenter
Boom Mic Kit
Canon 5D DSLR
Field Monitor Ikan V17 with Hood
hdmi wireless transmitter
Large Green Screen
Lowel Rifa Soft Box Large
Lowel Rifa Soft Box Medium
Lowel Rifa Soft Box Small
Manfrotto Tripod
OSMO Camera Stabilizer
Panasonic AG-HPX170 P2HD Video Camera many
Panasonic DVX 200
Phantom 4 Drone
Prompter camera style
Remote Pan and Tilt Head
Roland VS1 SDI Video Mixer
Soft Box Three Point Lighting Setup
Sony BRC-H700 HD Camera
Sony RM-BR300 Joystick Remote Control Panel Controller RMBR300 PTZ
Spider Pod
teleprompter Camera Style
Tricaster 300
Tricaster 460 Advanced Edition
Tricaster 8000
Video Editing on Adobe Premier Pro
Video Light Panel Advanced 2.4G 660 LED , Dimmable Bi-Color LED
Video Recording
Vinten Tripod 11 Fluid Head 37 lb capacity