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Conventions, Galas, Fund Raising, Weddings,
Educational, Funerals, Zoom Integration, Graduations,
Board Meetings, Virtual Tradeshows, Sports Competitions,
Theatre Productions, Concerts, Auctions, School Events,
Religious Functions, Entertainment, Cooking Lessons
, Virtual Tours, Holiday Celebrations, Community Interest.

Multi Camera Switching
Live Graphics
Professional Sound Mix
Picture in Picture
Video Playback Integration
Instant Replay
H264 Recording
PowerPoint Integration w/ PnP
Professional Lighting
Viewer Data Metrics
PTZ Camera Control
NDI Integration
Simulcast to Multiple Platforms


RVAV wants to help you make sure that your event looks amazing for all guests, even if they can’t actually be there in person. With the latest technology and the best A/V equipment, RVAV offers the best video streaming services for any event, from private parties to weddings, graduations, conventions, business meetings and more. With the ability to broadcast your event Live to the internet, You Tube or to your Facebook Live, as well as multi-camera recording, IMAG (image magnification) and more, you can share any event or occasion with all of your friends and family, coworkers, business clients or customers, allowing viewers to witness your event with crystal-clear video, audio and amazing effects. At RVAV, we take pride in our audio and video equipment, arrangements, set-up and staging, and work diligently to ensure that your event is broadcasted as clearly as if your far-away attendees were actually in the room. RVAV’s video steaming and recording services allow you to span distance as well as time, giving you a record of your event that you can watch any time. RVAV will set up the stage lighting, effects, LED lights, lasers and more to make your event look amazing, and arrange multi-camera recording that will record the event from every angle. RVAV will ensure that all of your recording services – from live recordings to your video records – will suit the event with lighting, sound and effects perfectly captured.

Use video streaming services to get more customers, clients and colleagues involved in your business event, or use video streaming services to bring your friends and family together for a special occasion, near or far. Contact RVAV today to learn more about our complete range of A/V services, including video streaming services, multi-camera recording and more in the Richmond region of Virginia. Click here to see example: of our work and call us today at 804-356- 4777 for more information.

Here’s one of our secrets to being the Leader in High Quality TV styled Live Broadcast
Its called the Newtek Tricaster… And in Richmond only RVAV owns 4 of them.
Watch these videos if you want to understanding our “Secret Sauce” TRICASTER