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The Leader in Live Streaming/Webcast Production.

We at RVAV have been providing Live Streaming and webcasting for our clients for over 5 years. While it’s not a new service for us it is still a mystery to many clients. We offered Streaming as an addition to our sound, lighting, and video production for years. This valuable service was often overlooked by many of our previous clients in the past as an addition to their Live in-person events,but now that COVID has forced us all to pivot to Live Streaming/Webcasting as the only way to get our message out. Live Streaming & webcasting has become the best answer to recreating these important gatherings. RVAV can help you navigate the options and show you how to convert your live events into an entertaining quality show on the web. We can help you recognize the differences, advantages, and limitations of many of the formats available like Social Media platforms and even create Customized URL sites just for your event. As a leader in video production technologies, we can combine multi-camera, graphics, videos, PowerPoints, and music into a sharp TV styled presentation for a streaming audience on any chosen Format. In the past year, we have streamed Conferences for thousands of viewers, weddings, funerals, auctions, virtual trade shows, theater presentations, concerts, sports events, speeches, Galas, and even virtual visits with Santa. Every client has a different expectation and budget, call us to discuss how we can create a program for you.

One day soon we will be back to in-person events and when that happens; RVAV will still be your production partner from concept to completion for any event. We work with you to evaluate your specific needs, combining technical experience, professional gear, and creativity to build the perfect production for you. We have already begun producing “Hybrid Events”, these are events that feature some in person or in the conference room, and some watching at home over the internet. Our technical crew is the backbone of our success, RVAV uses the best lighting and sound engineers in the area as your production team. We work within your budget and time constraints.

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