Video Projection & Production

Two very different disciplines || We excel at both

RVAV’s core competencies lie in internal brand videos, corporate videos, promotional videos website and music video production. Let us help your company reach a whole new level of success.

We excel at both

Online is where it’s at, which is why we specialize in innovative digital business videos to promote your company across a range of online platforms, including YouTube Videos, Kickstarter Videos, eCommerce Product Promos, and more.

Capture your customers attention when they visit your website with compelling video content. We work with you to highlight the best of what your company has to offer, using action shots, motion graphics, interviews, and more.

Event videos are the perfect way to show the world what you’ve been up to, highlighting your engagement with customers and your enthusiasm for your brand. Perfect for promoting future events and securing new opportunities, hire us for one camera or half a dozen cameras to cover your next event.

High-quality videos are essential for maintaining brand image integrity and successfully communicating your company’s mission to employees. We will work with you to develop and create effective and enjoyable training and compliance videos.

Since MTV first arrived we have been helping artists to visualize their music. Videos still rule the music scene, thanks to sites like YouTube, making it possible for your music and vision reach millions of new fans worldwide. Videos are also the perfect way to connect with current fans, promote shows and highlight new releases!

Whether you’re working on an internal corporate training program or a radio ad campaign, top-quality voice-over talent is critical to grabbing and holding your audience’s attention. RVAV partners with local agencies to cast the voice talent best suited to your project, and uses state-of-the-art recording equipment to capture the purest sound.

Video Projection

From 5 to 25 ft wide, we can provide professional video screens with two different projection formats.  Both Front and Rear projection formats allow for different presentation choices, Front projection is the most commonly used option, with the projector in the room a few feet away from the screen. While the Rear projection gives the cleanest look, with the projector hidden behind the screen and out of the audiences view.

Having many sizes we can help you chose the one that best fits the audience size or sometimes literally the room size. Factors like ceiling height and depth of the room make it important to have choices.

RVAV has one of the largest Blowup Style Outdoor Screens available in the Richmond area. Complete with sound and the right projector you have a modern take on the old Drive-in-Theater. Perfect for outdoor events or poolside viewing parties.

This new technology is making events and exhibits come alive with mind blowing virtual video that covers an entire wall or building. Size and shape have no confines with Projection Mapping, as multiple projectors can be connected together for a next level 360 degree sensory overload.

We believe motion graphics are the future of video marketing. With the growth of YouTube and other social media sites, a top-quality motion graphics video quickly grabs the viewer’s attention and delivers your message.

You have some great video footage, but not the editing know-how or software to turn it into the visual gold you know it wants to be. We can work with you to help you realize your video’s potential with our video editing services.

“RVAV Production provides the best video presentation services in Richmond, VA for your business meetings, banquets & award shows. ”