Video Streaming/Webcasting

Richmond’s #1 Webcasting Team since 2014

For over 5 years, RVAV has pioneered live streaming and webcasting services. While not a new offering, it remains a mystery to many. Originally an addition to our sound, lighting, and video production services, live streaming gained prominence due to COVID-19. Now essential for conveying messages, RVAV adeptly transforms live events into captivating online experiences. We guide you through platform options, differentiating factors, and customization, utilizing multi-camera setups, graphics, videos, and more. Our experience spans conferences, weddings, funerals, auctions, and beyond.

As in-person events resurge, RVAV remains your end-to-end production partner, skillfully blending virtual and physical aspects. Our technical prowess, alongside top lighting and sound engineers, ensures quality. Contact us for quotes and consultations! Leverage video streaming services to engage customers, colleagues, or loved ones, no matter the distance. RVAV enhances any occasion, from private gatherings to large-scale conventions, with crystal-clear audio, sharp visuals, and dynamic effects. Broadcasting live to the internet, YouTube, or Facebook Live, combined with multi-camera recording and IMAG, brings events to life. Our meticulous setup and staging guarantee remote viewers enjoy an immersive experience. RVAV captures your event’s essence, enabling time-shifted viewing. Illuminate your event with stage lighting, effects, LEDs, and lasers, ensuring every angle is covered by multi-camera recording. Our services bridge gaps in space and time, preserving memories while making events visually stunning.

Broadcast Quality Production for any Livestream Format

Let RVAV Create a CUSTOM Webpage for your Streamed Event, Incorporate your Logo Branding, Include Links to your Website, Showcase Sponsor Logos and Videos, and Display the Event Schedule

Here’s one of our secrets to being the Leader in High Quality TV styled Live Broadcast. Its called the Newtek Tricaster… And in Richmond only RVAV owns 4 of them. Watch these videos if you want to understand our “Secret Sauce” TRICASTER